House Cleaning Woodbridge - 6 Ways To Clean Stainless Steel
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House Cleaning Woodbridge - 6 Ways To Clean Stainless Steel

There is a common question regarding house cleaning: how can we clean our stainless steel appliances? It seems like stainless steel appliances only look good when you manage them properly and clean it on regular basis. It gets fingerprints, water spots and scratches very easily and it’s very hard to clean. 

To clean the stainless steel, your House Cleaning Woodbridge experts have easy DIY tips for you!

Easy Everyday Stainless Steel Cleaners:
For house cleaning, club soda is a great way to clean your stainless steel sinks, dishwashers, and other appliances. You can dilute by adding rubbing alcohol (1 part alcohol to 4 parts water), you can even use liquor like vodka.

How to get rid of fingerprints and streaks:
If you want to get rid of unsightly fingerprints, then use vegetable oil or olive oil while house cleaning. Just put a little bit on a dry cloth and rub it on the appliances, then use a new cloth to buff it for a really glossy shine.

Remove Spots and Stains from Stainless Steel:
If you have some spots on your stainless steel appliances then you should dampen your sponge and sprinkle baking soda on the surface  over the stainless steel (If you have a flat surface like a sink, then you can clean it just like everyday methods that you use for house cleaning). It will remove the stains then you can use one of the everyday methods from above. If you want to remove a rust stain then you can use vinegar.

Prevent Spots on Stainless Steel:
If you want to remove water spots from the stainless steel then you must grab a shower squeegee and use it to make sure that you are not leaving more spots on the surface while house cleaning. You can also use dry cloth.

How to get rid of scratches on stainless steel:
If you find a scratch on your stainless steel appliance while house cleaning, then buff it out with superfine steel wool that can be easily found in a hardware shop.While house cleaning, Rub in the direction of the grain as it will smooth out the scratch.

The first thing you need to do while house cleaning is that you need to clean the sink thoroughly and remove all the dirt and grease that might be caked on. Once it has dried you need to cover it with flour. Next, take a soft cloth and move in a circular direction, buff the sink as it starts to shine.

Don't hesitate to call a pro:
House cleaning woodbridge experts know that most people are busy in work and they don't have enough time to clean. That’s why we are offering a helping hand to all customers who seek help and always want their appliances to shine just like new! Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local House cleaning woodbridge professionals now!