House Cleaning Woodbridge | How to Clean Coffee Stains
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House Cleaning Woodbridge | How to Clean Coffee Stains

If you have ever spilled your coffee all over your clothes then you may know how difficult it is to remove the light brown colour. To remove the coffee stains you need to soak the clothing. For house cleaning, get ready to do a lot of soaking. Though, if you have fresh stains, cold water might do the tick for you. If you get fresh stains then you will not need any detergents, stain remover or stain cleaners. House Cleaning Woodbridge has got few essential tips to share with you to remove coffee stains from clothing during house cleaning.


1. For house cleaning, If you have got fresh stains then you need to try cold water. Run the cold water at the back of the stain, this will reduce the coffee stain to penetrate more inside the cloth. Keep the water running until 10-15 minutes. If the stain doesn’t get removed then you need to follow the next step.  


2. During house cleaning, you need to rub liquid laundry detergent and add some water on the coffee stain. If you are not having the liquid detergent then you can use liquid dish soap. Let the fresh sit for 4 minutes or even longer just don’t let it dry. If you have got old stains then you need to soak the clothing in the water after you have rubbed the liquid detergent. After every 5 minutes rub your stained fabric with your thumb to loosen the stain. After 30 minutes of soaking in the water check if the stain has gone or not. If still the stain remains then soak it for 15 minutes more in warm water and rinse it.


3. If you have still got the stains then try mixing powdered laundry detergent with equal portion of water and vinegar to turn it into paste. During house cleaning, make sure you test it into a small garment before testing on the stain to prevent discolor. Use toothbrush to scrub the stain.


4. During house cleaning, if you have got a stain remove gel product then apply it on the stain and let it sit for five minutes and after that wash it normally. The gel stain remover acts on the both sides of the cloth as a shield to prevent it from further penetration.


5. When house cleaning, check if the coffee stain is removed or not. If it’s still there repeat the steps before drying.


6. Air dry the clothing material. Hold it into the light and make sure all of the stains are gone. If it’s still there then wash it and dry it normally. If isn’t then you need to star the whole process again and avoid the machine drying until all of it is completely removed. Continue this process until all of the stains are gone completely.


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