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How To Wash Your Bathroom Rugs and Mats | House Cleaning Woodbridge

The bath mat that we use in our homes are available in two types. The first type of bathroom rugs or mats is which we put outside our washroom that are made of soft fabric, plush fabric that can absorb the water and it may also have a rubber backing underneath that helps you to prevent slippage on the bathroom floor during the house cleaning. Inside the tub you can use the mats that are made up of rubber. Tub mats help you to prevent any slips in the tub, preventing minor to serious injuries if you fall. You can clean the bath mats during the house cleaning process with the laundry detergents and then dry them on the clothswire.


Follow few tips by House Cleaning Woodbridge to clean your bathroom rugs and mats during the house cleaning process.

Step 1:Observe The Label

Most of the bath rugs or maths are having labels at the front or at the back that give you clear guidelines about the do and don’ts for care and maintenance during the house cleaning. Read the label before you start the house cleaning. Depending on the type of the rugs or mats the cleaning methods may be different as well.

Step 2: Floor Bath Mat

  • Try to wash your bath mats on the regular basis in order to avoid the debris, mud and buildup of mildew and germs
  • During the house cleaning process lift the bath mats and shake them properly to remove the dirt and debris that is stuck between them.
  • Grab the bath mats and put them in the washer with laundry detergent. You can also add few bath towels that will help in the scrubbing process.
  • If you have got colored bath rugs or mats then you need to run the washer on the cold settings. If all of the materials are white then you can switch to hot water.
  • If your bath mat has got rubber backing then avoid the dryer, as the heat can damage it and crack the rubber in the washing process. Such bath mats can be hanged on the clothswire after washing or you can even put them in the sunlight to dry them. If you have got a bath mat that is made of fabric them you should not worry and put it in the dryer to dry it completely. If it looks flat then use a brush it a bit.

Step 3: Tub Bath Mats

  • During the house cleaning process, wash the mats when you are cleaning the tub.
  • When house cleaning, scrub the mats with the brush and the bathroom cleaner. Once you are done with the front side move on to the back side of the mat and repeat the process. It’s important to clean both sides as the dirt, mildew can accumulate over the time.
  • After scrubbing you should wash the mat and then leave it to get dry.

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